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Arun Ganesan

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Arun is a metrosexual men of the now. He is one of the best looking guys of our team and he is not afraid to share his secrets. He is an ardent skincare enthusiast and always religiously follows tips and tricks and gives us advice on what works and what doesn’t. He is an encyclopedia on skincare tips, wellness and overall hygiene. He is always up for any DIY hacks to achieve good skin and great hair. He is the one with a trick or two up his sleeve at all times. Education Arun has a Mechanical Engineering degree from a University in Chennai and has been a column writer ever since he was young. He has written many pieces for TOI for schools and college magazines. He is the one you would go to if you needed a creative written piece on anything. He has a way with words and it speaks for itself in his brilliant pieces he has written for some of the columns and magazines as a novice. Career With a penchant for writing, Arun soon emerged as a top writer and content maker and has been working as a Product Reviewer and Social Media Influencer for Beautybest for over 6 years now. He has a cumulative career record writing for Insider, fashion, lifestyle magazines and has created a personal niche for himself - Men’s Skincare. He has an excellent client base consisting of men and women who are ardent skin care lovers.