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Kumaresan Selvaraj

14 Articles

Kumaresan is a young, sporty and athletic guy with a penchant for fitness and lifestyle. He has an amazing taste in grooming and hygiene for men and is always sharing tips and tricks to look sharp anywhere and anytime. He is always fresh and energetic like he just stepped out of a photoshoot. He has one of the best collections of perfumes and styling gels that keep him looking like the rockstar he is. The best thing about him is he is not afraid to share his secrets. Education Kumaresan has a degree in Management from a university in Mangalore. He is one of the most athletic people in our team and is all about fitness. He has some diverse knowledge about topics ranging from wellness, lifestyle, hygiene, fragrance and styling for men. He has done some modelling work back in college making him apt for a future in fashion and lifestyle. Career Although not an aspiring writer, our model-turned-influencer has been with Beautybest for around 3 years. He has one of the best tastes in fragrance and men’s grooming techniques. He uses his skill to test products in the market and give his opinions based on how they feel and how they impact skin and hair upon usage. He is one of the most devoted team players and does extensive research before publishing his list of best styling gels or best fragrances for men. All his best selling articles are a hit with young men and boys aspiring for that classic heartthrob look.