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Poojitha is a skin and hair care expert. If you ever catch a glimpse of her, you can tell she has some amazing tricks up her sleeves for great skin and hair. She is one of our Senior writers and Product experts and is one of our top healthcare Subject Matter experts. She chooses her pieces carefully and is passionate about sharing her tested and tried recipes for great shiny hair and flawless skin. She is not shy about discussing in great lengths, how your overall health and hygiene matters and contributes, making her a Guru of Wellbeing. Education Poojitha packs a surprise under her academic crown. She has her degree in Commerce from a top University in Bangalore. She found her love for skin and hair care products much earlier in life as she watched thousands of makeup vlogs and videos detailing what to use and what not to use. Soon she found herself writing product recommendations for websites online and making quite a fan following for herself. Career Forging a career as a social media influencer, Critik is lucky to have her onboard for 5 years now. With a flair for language, she has rated and reviewed many products offline and online even prior to working with us. She has a good client base who ardently wait for her articles to get published online and swear by her choice of skin and hair care products. She also shares her best kept home tips for flawless skin and bouncy hair.