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Prathiba Duggal

19 Articles

Prathiba is an artist cum writer. She is very passionate about beauty and makeup. She is the kind of girl who will always carry tons of options for everyone in the office. She is an expert makeup artist and can create anything between a no-makeup makeup look to a bridal look in just a few minutes. She has a penchant for fashion and follows her gospels religiously, we are taking Fashion magazines, Cosmopolitan, Elle Magazine and Vogue. Education Prathiba has completed her Bachelors in Communications for a major university in Bangalore and is currently one of the top makeup artists in our team. She has always bought and reviewed products for a living as a part time makeup blogger and reviewer in her college days. Her blog has had major influence on teenage girls and young adults. She has also contributed to the college magazine and has always been a popular figure in her educational institutions. Career Prathiba has been with Beautybest for well over 5 years now but has been a remarkable makeup artist, blogger and makeup product reviewer for over 8 years now. She is one of the best people to review any makeup trend in the market currently as she is always up to date on all major fashion trends. Her pieces on makeup products have earned her so many positive reviews from our clients. She is one of the fashion and makeup geeks of the team and we are proud to have her onboard.