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Sanjitha Sharma

22 Articles

Sanjitha is our in-house stylist. She is one of the most coveted makeup and fashion experts in the industry and has written some of the most critically acclaimed pieces on fashion trends and makeup looks. She also has a flair for skin care and hair care and all her articles focus on overall health and well being as well. You can say she is an all-in-all product reviewer cum fashionista. Education Sanjitha has a degree in Law from a top university in Delhi but she has found her true calling in fashion magazines. She has been one of the contributors to top fashion magazines in India and some of her work on makeup looks for seasons has had honourable mentions in many websites and magazines. As a young writer herself, she has a way with her words that makes all her articles very compelling. Career Sanjitha’s early career was influenced entirely by fashion in the apparel industry. She slowly took on to makeup as a part of her fashion looks projects. Little did she know makeup and lifestyle will become her kingdom as she rules the hearts of her readers. She has become somewhat of a cult in her overall 5 year of influencer experience. She's currently our very own product reviewer and content creator for Beautybest for the last 2.5 years. Her pieces on the best season appropriate products and brands has had one of the biggest applause from her audience making her one of our top writers.