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Sujitha Balakrishnan

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Sujitha is a no-makeup makeup expert. You can tell when you see her, she always has a beautiful ‘I Woke up like this’ glow to her and it's always a guessing game if she has makeup on or not. She is very passionate about the latest fashion trends and follows fashion magazines like they were Gospels. She aims to provide her services to the society by educating everyone about how to take good care of your skin and how to use makeup in the best way to achieve the no-makeup look. Education Sujitha has a degree in Computer Science from a university in Kochi. She has always been on the editorial board of all her college journals and magazines and has been writing ever since she was young. She discovered her passion towards fashion and skincare when she was asked to write a guest note about the latest fashion trends for college girls. Her piece on Latest Fashion Trends soon became a gospel to be circulated among colleges and she soon became a coveted makeup and fashion guru. Career Once she found her expertise in fashion and makeup guidelines, she started reviewing products and trends for local magazines before Beautybest found her. She is now an esteemed writer at Beautybest for over 3 years now. She has a cumulative work experience of 5 years as a makeup and fashion explorer making her one the industry bests to review makeup products and explore fashion trends for young adults.

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Sujitha Balakrishnan
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